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Munro Forensic Actuaries has a distinguished history defining the crossroads where actuarial assessment meets litigation and business. For over two decades, we have been at the forefront of providing actuarial assessments for the legal fraternity throughout South Africa. Our standards of professional excellence ensure that our commitment extends beyond furnishing a technical actuarial assessment.

We strive to continuously uphold the highest standards of integrity and seek to do the extraordinary for our clients. While we emphasise a fast, accurate and professional actuarial service, we place a strong emphasis on regular engagement with our clients. This combination of excellent service and personal relationships has ensured Munro Forensic Actuaries’ success over the years.

We embrace technology in an appropriate way to ensure that our client’s experience of our service is perfectly suited to what they need. With an increasing number of digital offerings that allow our clients to engage us whenever or wherever they may find themselves, we are on our way to achieving our goal of providing our clients with 24/7 access to our services.

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MunroTV is our collection of short clips on various topics that are relevant to the RAF and medical-malpractice industry.
This is an invaluable resource in those times when you need a quick tutorial on a subject.

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We Focus on Education

We believe children should have access to a good education regardless of where they live. We hold fast to the view that a person’s abilities, not their location, should determine their success. This is why Munro Forensic Actuaries is the founder and a business partner of The Kamvalethu Foundation, a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and Trust.

Having access to a basic quality education allows a child to have a greater choice in their own life trajectory. Kamvalethu’s beneficiaries are all previously disadvantaged children under the age of 18 residing in under-resourced areas. This trust also serves to secure ownership points in terms of B-BBEE legislation for our business partners. We take the call for South Africa to be rebuilt and live out its potential seriously. For this reason, Munro Forensic Actuaries partner with some of the most exciting and promising projects in our country’s education landscape.

Giving Back

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